For future reference. Returning starters is always a handy 10,000 foot metric for projecting a college football season and Phil Steele has helpfully assembled a comprehensive list. The Big Ten:

Big 10

OFFDEFSTTOTALWisconsin10*6218Northwestern86216Michigan7*8015Michigan St7*7115Ohio State9*6015Illinois57214Indiana8*4214Iowa6*8014Penn St.75113Minnesota9*2112Purdue65112Michigan loses Graham, Brown, and Warren on defense. On offense, Ortmann, Moosman, Mathews, and whichever oft-injured running back you think was technically the starter last year.

Theoooooo! I want this to happen so bad:

A name to watch in Michigan's search for a linebackers coach: Central Florida DC Dave Huxtable.

Yes, it is for the dumb reason. Rudy. Vanessa.

Rodriguez mentioned during his impromptu halftime presser that he...

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