Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning is proud to use HOST®

The HOST® System incorporates the use of HOST® Dry Cleaner to the carpet, brushing it through and then vacuuming up the HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaner. The HOST® DRY Carpet Cleaner not only removes dirt it also reduces allergens! Research studies have shown that one cleaning using the HOST® Cleaning System along with HOST® Machines reduces: Dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 89%, Cat Allergen by 85%, Mold Spores by 97%. (EPA Establishment No. 074202-WI-001)

Since the environment is a big concern for all us, Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning uses only products and methods that are safe to the environment and 100% biodegradable.This Eco-friendly carpet cleaning approach benefits everyone and for years to come.

Our highly portable equipment also allows us access to places formerly unavailable to traditional methods of carpet cleaning. Our equipment allows us to go anywhere – homes, apartments, office buildings, multi-level, even high-rise buildings are not out of reach for Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning – the best option for all your carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning needs.

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