With California's latest effort against the UCLA Bruins, Jeff Tedford's tenure as California's head coach appears at its end. Over the last few years there's just been too many games that the Bears haven't showed up for some have resulted in games closer than they needed to be and disappointing losses. 

Those games include the Colorado win in overtime, the loss to Washington and now today's game against UCLA. The other issue that doesn't bode well for Tedford is the play in the losses to Oregon and USC. In those losses the Bears only showed up in one half and that doesn't bode well for a coach. 

The Washington loss hurt because the Bears had numerous opportunities to score touchdowns in the red zone in the first half of that game and yet only were able to manage field goals, Colorado should have been a cupcake for the Bears yet Colorado made a game of it and could have won it in overtime and today's game against the Bruins was an embarrassment a 31-14 loss to a team that had six suspensions including four to their wide receivers which included their best receiving option in Tyler Embree. 

Among other things the Bruins defense had been bad this year especially against the run, the week before against the Arizona Wildcats, they were able to run for 174 yards against the Bruins defense. The Bears had no such luck running the football. That was seen early in  the game on a third and short on one of the first offensive series of the game when Isi Sofele on third and one was stopped well short of the first down and the Bears were forced to punt. 

That can be chalked up to bad decision making by Tedford as good as Sofele is running the football his size is a hinderance in that situation and the bigger running back C.J. Anderson should have been used to pick up the first down. 

With California the biggest issue for the team has been the play of quarterback Zach Maynard who last week appeared like he was going to be turning a corner against a good Utah defense and yet this week he clearly regressed and it's been his erratic play that has hurt the Bears. 

Against the Bruins he lost a fumble and threw four interceptions, so for many Bear fans the questions becomes will Maynard remain the starter like Tedford has stated or will Allen Bridgford be named starter for the remainder of the season? 

In the losses it has been the play of Maynard that has hurt the Bears. Including the game against the Bruins, Maynard has these numbers 82-157 for 1,061 yards, a completion percentage of 52.2 percent and has thrown two touchdowns to seven interceptions, that's just not getting it done at the quarterback position and the only game that was close was the Washington loss where the Bears had the chances in the red zone and again only managed field goals.  

That would lead to the question should Tedford get a reprieve for this season as this was a rebuilding year with low expectations and are looking to the future or does the play by the Bears speak for itself and result with the dismissal of Tedford?

For the remaining schedule the Bears have home games against Washington State and Oregon State which are winnable games for the Bears and also have two road games after that one against Stanford and the other against Arizona State who are both ranked at this point. 

If the Bears can win the two at home and then lose the two games on the road which is the likely scenario it would mean a 6-6 record and 3-6 in conference play and that might still be not enough for Tedford to keep his job. What it would take is an upset over Stanford or Arizona State on the road and that's not likely to happen. 

Even if Tedford is not dismissed at the end of this season, he will likely be under the microscope in 2012 and will be on the proverbial short leash.