The recent worldwide economic recession has affected almost every nation, some harder than others. There are some industries that suffered greatly and are still struggling to keep from falling victim to this horrible situation. The field of construction in Mexico, however, is a success story that gives hope to others who bare witness to their slow, but steady incline from year to year.

Mexico is a nation that has serious plans to promote their construction industry and to use it as a catalyst in order to promote other areas such as tourism, recreation, transportation, communication and utilities. The increase in economic growth brings with it the creation of permanent job positions in all the affected fields. The goal is to make the top 30 list of the World Economic Forum's Infrastructure Index.

This is a country that currently has a need for over five million additional habitable homes throughout the nation. The government has mandated that housing and all projects related to it, be considered high priority. Whether federal or independent, all agencies with initiatives in this field are actively seeking private investment partners to assist in reaching their ratings and provisional goals.

It is going to be necessary to seek alliances with outside investors from other countries in order to become the success that the industry strives to be. An international pairing of construction based firms is sure to be of mutual benefit. The Mexicans can receive the needed financial backing and the foreign nation will reap the knowledge and experience in all aspects of how business is conducted locally.

This opportunity is even open to construction firms based inside the United States. Any American company interested in this type of undertaking will have several different ways in which they may have the opportunity to bid on key jobs. Perhaps the best and most secured option is to enter into a joint venture contract with a housing developer that is Mexican owned and already established in the industry.

As with many of the leading nations in the worldwide field of development, Mexico has decided to take their building practices in a more environmentally sound direction. By studying and learning from the varied successes and failures of the top Canadian, American and European firm, they hope to achieve a more green way of working. They are only at the beginning of their journey, but this is a nation determined to improve.

Companies in other countries could learn just as much from the Mexican firms. The building practices here have always been more simplified and cost effective, which could easily be translated into more green methods. Currently there are only a few building projects that are certified as environmentally friendly, though there are nearly a hundred more awaiting the process.

Construction in Mexico has many positive prospects in the near future. Plans are in place and goals have been set to propel this country to the top of the field through steady growth and development. Through foreign investment partnerships and exchanges of knowledge and practices, the chance of success is looking good.