When a man is about to get married, the best man and some close friends will rally and arrange for a stag night. Traditionally the best man is responsible for arranging such an evening however; to arrange a bachelor party NYC event planners can also make this night special for the groom and his friends. There are many companies within the area that specialize in stag nights.

One company has spruced up a few luxury buses which look like the inside of a night club. These buses are fully stocked with alcohol, music videos on LCD screens, strippers and pole dancers. When the evening is underway the buses will drive around the city and stop at every night spot that one could imagine.

He needs to ensure that the location is right for the stag night. There are venues that can include strip joints and gambling halls. It could also take place in the basement of a friend's house.

A stag night need not be just about the drinking and the strippers. A best man or an event planner can arrange for a series of activities that include everything from dressing the best man up ridiculously to gambling. Live music bands could be hired or even a karaoke machine could be hired to have some fun. Of course, a stag night isn't a stag night without the drinking or the strippers.

The second key is the entertainment which in most cases must be live. Traditionally, the best man will hire some strippers who will join the party and perform lap dances and strip off their clothes at the men's enjoyment. Having a range of entertainment such as gambling tables, strippers, dancing and music and other activities that might or might not include body shots will keep the men entertained on their night of debauchery.

The bar should be fully stocked with everything from beer to bourbon. It must include liqueurs such as tequila and brandy and whiskey. If the alcohol runs out before the evening ends, the best man must make sure that there is a place that he can go to get emergency supplies. Generally at these events, all the guests will drink a lot of alcohol and get drunk.

When planning the stag night, the best man must rally the guests and come up with a cover story. Stag nights are really just for the man who is getting married and his friends; no one who should really know what went on in that particular evening. A perfect example would be if a man had a full night of utter debauchery, he could state that he and his friends were at the pub. It gives a little bit of truth to be plausible but doesn't tell all.

The other rules involve alcohol, entertainment and accommodation which must be arranged beforehand. The best man has the freedom to think up all sorts of crazy activities on the stag night, but it would probably be a good idea to hire any bachelor party NYC event planner to ensure that the night goes off without a hitch. One thing is common in all stag events, the groom and his friends must have fun.

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