February 5th, Anderson Silva will face Vitor Belfort. Vitor has been known to deliver vicious strikes to his opponent that cause severe damage. This leads me to believe that Anderson Silva’s mental game could be jeopardized.

Anderson Silva usually walks into a fight with the confidence that says “I am the best and nobody can beat me.” Although these words are not directly from his mouth, his actions definitely show this confidence.

Silva has never faced a fighter with hands like Vitor Belfort. The best fighter in my opinion that Silva has faced in the UFC is probably either Rich Franklin or Forrest Griffin and look what he did to both of those guys.

Vitor never faced Griffin but he fought Franklin and took him out in the first round by devastating fashion. I thought at first that Silva would easily destroy Belfort but my belief is fading. This will be Silva’s toughest fight ever and I mean EVER!!

Silva’s physical game is always spectacular as is Belfort’s. It’s Silva’s mental game that I am worried about. In order to study Belfort he has to watch at least one video of him fighting. I have watched Belfort’s videos and he is one badass dude. If I were Anderson Silva I would solely be focusing on counter striking this whole fight. Attacking Belfort straight up could prove dangerous for the Spider.

I am personally rooting for Anderson Silva in this fight. I think he will find a way to pull out the victory. I just know that in the midst of the fight, he will get a beating like he has never had inside of the Octagon before.

Silva’s conscience should be dark going into this fight. He cannot have the fun that he usually does. Vitor is no slouch and should not be taken lightly. Any air guitar or dancing around will put Silva in a dangerous position. Vitor will be looking to finish this fight early. The thing is, if Vitor gets too cocky, he may get tangled in the Spiders web.



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