Hello Alisha tell our TrueBlueNationBlog.com readers a little about yourself and tell us how you became a Dallas Cowboys fan.


Alisha Roberts, 45, Born and Raised in DC. I am a Co-Founder and Director of Business Operations for a Charter School in DC. Surrounded by Skins, Giants, and Eagles Fans. I stay faithful to my 'Boys. Proud daughter of a Cowboy fan, sister of two Cowboy Fans, mother of two Cowboy Fans, and grandmother of lil Cowboy Fan!



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1. Why did you become a Dallas Cowboy fan?

Alisha: My parents were Skins fans and became sick of their losing ways post the 1959 season. The Dallas Cowboys came into the league in 1960 and my mom decided to follow them per the connection of Tom Landry with New York teams as she recalled. The Star instantly became a part of her identity. She made sure it was part of the DNA of her children and grandchildren as well. We bleed Silver and Blue and rep well here in Redskins Territory. I absolutely love her for picking an awesome team filled with tradition! It is not a game with my family...we are DC4Lers!



2. Who is your favorite current Dallas Cowboys player and why?

Alisha: I love DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee in tandem on the field...they are tenacious in their pursuit to shut down the opponent's Defense. I love their stature and presence on the field and how pumped they are during the game. I think the defense if different when one of them is missing, and when both are down we are missing our leaders. 



3. Most memorable/least moment as a Dallas Cowboys fan?


Alisha: Most Memorable: My mom, sisters and I would always go to RFK (Redskins old stadium in DC) post all Dallas vs Skins games. One game approx. 1980, we went to the game after a horrible loss to the Skins. As we stood outside, many of us Cowboys fans were upset naturally. There was one woman who was hurling all kind of obscenities with my mom and other fans about Dallas' lackluster performance. They both were talking about the defense and how they didn't measure up that game. The lady even said, "that dayum Randy White let me down big time!” My mom and many others concurred.  This lady went on for about 30 minutes. Players start to come out, many straight to the bus, but one player was walking towards us. My eyes got bigger and wider as I realized it was Randy White. He walked right past me within 3 feet and hugged the very woman who had just finished chomping at the bit about him, and says, "Hey mom I let you all down. I don't know what to say!". His mother snatches him by the collar and says, "Son, you have that Star on your head and in your heart, play like it every game! Get 'em next go round!" She double hand grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek hard. He walked back pass all of us fans saying, "Sorry for the loss!" It was funny and eye-opening at the same time. To know that a player's mom will call her child out among fans was hilarious; but also to hear one of our most passionate players apologize for letting Dallas fans down let me know that the torture I go through after Cowboys loss is felt by the players for me..."I" do matter all the way up here in DC!!!



4. What grade would you give Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as a owner?


Alisha: B - I would say about 5 years are questionable out of his ownership since 1989...that's not too bad of a record if I can play judge and jury for a minute! LOL



5. In your Opinion what should the Dallas Cowboys goals as organization be? Short-term? Long-term?


Alisha: Short-term - incorporate the run more immediately/Long-term - become a system known as threat to run and or pass as we were in the 80's and 90's.



6. If you were owner of the Dallas Cowboys for a day what changes would you make?


Alisha: Insert either a Head Coach and/or Offensive Coordinator with clear understanding of the playbook and bigger gumption to have a better balance between the run and the pass plays.



7. What is your prediction for the Dallas Cowboys for the 2014 Season?

Alisha: 10-6, Division Champs, Conference Champs, Super Bowl Win!



Let's do a little Dallas Cowboys word association.............


AT&T Stadium

A: Genius


Tony Romo

A: Under-appreciated


Dez Bryant

A: Unstoppable



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