My late father used an expression often - way too often - and it went:  "Don't worry,  it'll get worse."   That was cute and funny the first thousand times he said that to me.  After that - not so much.

I don't live my life with that philosophy since I have a fantastic wife, wonderful family, and great friends.  Too many things have gone right for me to look at every thing in that pessimistic a manner.  But when it comes to the Mets (and the Knicks and the NY J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS  I think Dad had it right.

Even in the past week with practically nothing happening there are more signs of nasty clouds on the horizon.

ITEM - The saga that is Duda and Ike.

When the Mets opened CitiField in 2009 it took me and most other Mets fans about 20 minutes to determine that the fences were so ridiculously far from home plate that a change was needed.  And that change did happen albeit THREE full years later.  So change for the better can happen even if the timing is horrible.

This brings us to Lucas Duda and the sham of playing him in the outfield.  How long after he started grazing out there did it take to see that he had about as much business being there as Todd Hundley had way back in 1998?   When they put Lucas' fielding metrics into defensive stats like WAR (wins over replacement) they shoot out a minus number equivalent to the phrase "What the F...?"

So this offseason it was made clear that the Mets finally "got it".  Lucas was now a 1bman.  And in the last few days we hear that due to the club's inability to trade Ike Davis Lukie will be asked to once again don the outfielder's glove and head out into the corner.

Would you call that a worst case scenario?  I know I would.

And then there's Ike himself.  Haven't we handled this one just perfectly?   The team's attitude was that they would trade the 1bman with "more trade value" which in Metspeak translates as the one who will be making more money.
While the Yankees for a while attempted to get and keep their payroll below $189 million the Mets are trying apparently to get their payroll under that of the NY Red Bulls of the Major Soccer League.

You know the story by now.  Mets GM Alderson asks all interested teams for their top pitching prospect and - surprise, surprise - no one jumps at the chance.

So now other GMs are probably pissed with Sandy, the fans don't seem to want Ike back, and even Ike's father is upset with the operation.

Worst case scenario?  I'd say so.

ITEM-  Short Shrift and welcome back Oy-mar.

One of the top items on the Mets' shopping list for this offseason was to upgrade shortstop.  In 2013 the team got a combination of subpar defense and absolutely no offense from Omar Quintanilla and Ruben Tejada.  The latter was exiled to Las Vegas for the majority of the season and in every way possible was treated as Typhoid Ruben in the Mets' family.

The free agency period opens.  Jhonny Peralta signs a contract that sends Alderson into cardiac arrest.  Whatever attempts were made to trade for a shortstop came to naught and with Stephen Drew, a player who clearly would be an improvement over the 2013 tandem, it seems Alderson is waiting to find out how many millions of dollars the player will pay for the privilege of becoming a Met.

So what does this week bring?  Right, the re-signing of OQ to which I have to say "Oh, sh-t."

Worst case scenario?  You got it.

ITEM- Ownership blues.

On Wednesday the Yankees were able to add to their offseason shopping the best available free agent pitcher Tanaka.  This comes atop the signing of Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Jacoby Ellsbury.  They make clear to their fans their ongoing commitment to winning.
The Dodgers, now that the McCourts are ousted, spend money like water and are striving to be the Yankees of the National League.  A commitment to winning?  You betcha.

And then there are the Wilpons.  What's their commitment to?   I'd say surviving.    And  because they're tight with Commish Selig they get to stick around while other horrible owners get the door smacking them in the rump.

Is this a worst case scenario?   How could it not be?

Dad - wherever you are - I agree.  When it comes to the Mets:  don't worry, it'll get worse.



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