The past week has been amazing and historic in New York sports. The New York Rangers have played two outdoor games at Yankee Stadium against the Jersey Devils on Sunday and then the Islanders on Wednesday night.

It's been a marvelous showcase for the sport of hockey and along the way the Yankees managed a bit of off-season ka-ching what with their shares of parking and concessionaire fees.

Naturally Jeff Wilpon sniffed the air of off-season dinero and wanted in. Our sources at TRDM Di-Jest tell us that he put in calls to the Devils, Islanders, and the American Hockey League's Bridgeport Sound Tigers (no kidding that's actually a team!) inviting them to play one or more games at CitiField. He got turned down so fast that you'd think he was trying to trade them Ike Davis.

But Wilpon the Younger remained undaunted and finally found a taker. Negotiations are being completed that will move the Knicks' Friday night February 28th game vs the Golden State Warriors to a court that will be constructed over second base at CitiField - pending NBA appoval of course.

I know what you're thinking regarding the move of an NBA game outdoors during the winter in the Northeast. But if they can play the Super Bowl in this area and those frosty hockey games, why the heck not? The Knicks and Warriors have already asked their equipment squads to create special uniforms for the game featuring a unique cotton/wool blend for the players' shorts. Also, if needed, Nike will provide the players specially designed galoshes/sneakers in case of precipitation.

Unlike the NHL games in the Bronx this one came with a bit of a quid pro quo.

James Dolan, the Jeff Wilpon of the NBA/NHL, insisted that a Mets' home game be played in his building, the "World's Most Famous Arena" (excuse me while I barf here), Madison Square Garden.

The date of the moved game is June 10th which was supposed to be a Milwaukee Brewers' visit to Citi.

While most arenas housing NBA and/or NHL teams would be hesitant to offer up an early June date due to the possibility of conflicts with the playoffs these are the Knicks and Rangers we are talking about. By mid June the Garden is usually lying quite fallow.

While the Wilpons were hesitant to make the trade of games they were buoyed by the notion that if they can just squeeze 18,000 fans into MSG for the event they could finally have something that is almost totally foreign to them - a sellout.

Engineers are laying out sketches for the ballfield configuration and apparently if will involve left and right field fences no deeper than 260 feet from home plate. The pitchers for both teams will probably revolt when they hear this but, on the other hand, we Mets fans might actually get to see a true rarity, a Ruben Tejada homerun.



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