Dear Diary,

After all those rumors during the recent baseball Winter Meetings it sure looked like I wouldn't get to wear my Santa outfit for the annual Christmas party.  And I really practiced my "Ho Ho Ho"ing so I thought I could be a darn good Santa for the little kiddies.

I guess it's news that there is no news.  I haven't been traded and now it kinda feels like I won't be.  And I'd say I'm happy about the situation.  Sure it's tempting to think of going to some ballpark where I might be able to hit more homeruns and maybe I could become some kind of super-utility kind of player what with my ability to kind of play 2B and 1B.  I came up mostly playing thirdbase and probably could get back to doing that.   Hopefully no one would try me in the outfield because I was a kind of Lucas Duda out there a few years ago when I tried it.  Ugly.  Real Ugly.

But all my roots are with the Metropolitans and I wouldn't mind at all seeing this thing through.  I'd love to be with the team when it next makes the playoffs.  I am hoping that won't be when they're inviting me back for Old Timers Day but you never know.

The club has asked me to become more selective as a hitter and I'll give it a shot.  Even as it is I almost never swing at the first pitch.  I think some of the pitchers realize this and make that first pitch a fat, good one to hit, and there I am just eyeing it.  But I suppose you can't get your walks without taking a lot of pitches.   I'm getting to be an old dog for learning new tricks but like I said I'll give it a try.

Maybe I should update you about our team.   Also in the not-yet-traded column is my friend Ike Davis.  Poor Ike has been so terrible to start the last two seasons that the team (and, of course, it's about the money to a big extent) doesn't want to risk going through that still again.  So Mr. Alderson is trying to trade him but I guess the offers have not been to his liking.  Maybe it'll work out that Ike will come to spring training as a Met and then can show the Mets and other teams that he is ready to hit again.  

The team did add a couple of free agents recently which is cool.  Chris Young - the outfielder one not the tall pitcher one - has come in.  They tell me that he can hit homeruns and field balls real good.  But I also read where he strikes out a ton (he'll fit right in with a lot of other Mets in that category), doesn't hit righthanded pitching too well, and has had to fight off the injury bug a lot.

The big splashy move was when Curtis Granderson signed on for four years.  He's been playing lately for the Yankees and I hope he doesn't get too depressed when his long drives that used to be homers in the Bronx are flyouts in CitiField.  Everything I hear about him is that he's a real good guy and a swell teammate.  Of course, I kind of remember people saying the exact same thing about Jason Bay.  Hope it isn't deja vu all over again in the production department.

And we signed a big pitcher.  And I mean BIG as in his size which is sizable.  Bartolo Colon is a wide-body dude but he had a great year in 2013 over in the other league and even though he's ancient - like 40 years old - we are hoping he can come and pick up some of the slack that Matt Harvey has left by recovering from his Tommy John surgery.
I can't wait to tease Bartolo by asking him where he was when John Kennedy was shot.  Or maybe I should ask him where he was when Lincoln was shot.   I'll work on it and let you know how it comes out.


The only other thing I wanted to tell you about was how the team is not bringing Justin Turner back.  That move puzzled me a bit and even more so when it got "leaked" that he wasn't offered a contract on account of how he didn't hustle enough.   I didn't notice that about him.  I do know that when he was coming into the clubhouse to get one of those shaving cream pies to shove into the face of whoever got the big game-winning hit he used to run like a son-of-a-gun to get it. 
I'll miss Justin but that's the baseball biz for you.

Pretty soon it'll be 2014 and your friend Daniel is still a New York Met.  Ain't that something?



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