I recently was forwarded the list below, which was created by a Tiger's fan (hence the Michigan references!) but really applies to any fan of MLB that is looking forward to the time WBIG (when Bud is gone).  So, take a look, and use the comments section to post your own list (big or small).  It should be interesting to see what pushes everyone's buttons.


 10. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame so he will stop going to those
 cheesy baseball trading card shows.

 9. Have USAF immediately use laser guided bombs on the Oakland
 Coliseum and Tropicana Field to spare humanity from further indignity.

 8. Have Tampa Bay temporarily move to Lansing, Michigan and rent the
Lugnuts Stadium so they get the feel of what it is like to play before
 sell out crowds.

 7. Build a new stadium in San Jose for the A's and if the Giants so
 much as make a mouse fart over it......threaten them with a move back
 to Candlestick Park.

 6. All teams west of St. Louis will just play each other for 162
 games.......no more pain in the ass trips to the West Coast by East
 Coast teams.

5. In order to reduce prison overcrowding in Illinois, all persons
 that receive future felony convictions will be sentenced to one year
 of attending all White Sox games at US Cellular Field and required to
 wear earphones with Hawk Harrelson's play-by-play.

 4. Demote the Houston Astros to a Single A Minor league team and move
 the team to Brownsville, Texas to make it easier for their players to
 defect to Mexico.

 3. Miguel Cabrera will never be allowed to leave the Detroit Tigers.
 Must play with them until reaching 80 years old.

 2. Jim Leyland will be supplied with a carton of Marlboros courtesy of
 MLB prior to each Home and Away game.......in the event of extra
 innings club house attendant will get two more cartons to him.

 1. Atlanta Braves will be moved to the American League so as to stop
 torturing the rest of the NL East!