The Boston Celtics are going to lose a great defensive coach, Tom Thibodeau. He was the one coach that made the 2008 Celtics defense great during there title run.

Thibodeau deserves to coach an NBA team. He fits in perfect with the Chicago Bulls as a defensive head coach.

Does that lure LeBron James even more to Chicago during Free Agency? I think so, because LeBron doesn't want to play for a big time coach. He wants to be the star.

Thibodeau isn't distracting the team though, I think he's inspired the Celtics to win it for him.

After how bad Vinny Del Negro was as the Chicago Bulls head coach, the Bulls front office needed to make a change. Thibodeau was the right choice for the job.

If you never notice Thibodeau on the bench, he is a very passionate coach. He would fit right in with the Bulls.

Also, I think Thibodeau would love the big city of Chicago. He isn't a big name, so there wouldn't be a lot of media following him everywhere.

Thibodeau will be a great coach for Chicago. I think Thibodeau is going to bring LeBron James to Chicago and he will win some titles.