Like Julius Caesar long ago, March 15 turned out to be a horrible day Iowa coach Todd Lickliter .

It's fitting that on the historic Ides of March, a scenario within the University of Iowa men's basketball program would play out very much like a day back in 44 B.C., when Caesar was stabbed to death on the floor of the Roman Senate by Marcus Junius Brutus and several other co-conspirators. Iowa's version of the drama began as a small murmur on a message board and quickly turned into a screaming public mob of angry fans calling for change.

On Monday, Iowa's athletic director Gary Barta stepped up to play the part of Brutus in this drama, driving the final dagger into Lickliter's tenure as a Hawkeye.

It was reported by the Gazette Online 's Scott Dochterman that Barta met with Lickliter...

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