Via Adam Rubin, it would seem the Mets have interest in trading Bobby Parnell to an "unspecified team for a starting position player.” I hope it's to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul.

But in all seriousness, I've seen some debate as to whether this would be a wise decision, to which I say, Whaaaaaaaaat? Provided we're talking about a halfway decent position player and not a starting position player the way Mike Jacobs was once a starting position player, this would be amazing.

Now, the debate of course isn't for this season, where I hope everyone recognizes that a starting position player holds more value than Bobby Parnell, but for the future, where Parnell could be the key to a Mets bullpen. Even so. Trade the guy!

Think of it this way, Parnell currently appears to be the 5th best reliever on a team that will likely have an OK, though not outstanding bullpen. The four pitchers better than him were picked up off the scrap-heap for nothing and retained for roughly $1m (Tim Byrdack), signed for 1-year $3.5m (Jon Rauch), signed for 2-years $12m (Frank Francisco) and half the bounty in a trade for an 30-year-old, free agent-to-be outfielder the Mets clearly didn't want (Ramon Ramirez). Which is to say that the Mets should be able to acquire four decent relievers at any given point for relatively little.

I keep thinking back to the Cameron Maybin for two relievers whose names I've already forgotten trade. I don't expect Parnell to net Maybin, if he's even traded, as he's coming off another up-and-down year and the two nameless relievers in question, if I remember correctly, were coming off great years in Pitcher-Value-Builder Petco Park. But if the Mets could even sniff that sort of player for Parnell, I don't see how you hesitate for a second. A fleecing on the order of Maybin for two relievers whose names I've already forgotten would even take a little sting out of the Jose Reyes defection. A little.

Oh, and yes, this is the first time I've written in 5 months. I was hoping we could just gloss over that. I love the Mets, but sometimes, life intervenes. OK, so back to glossing over.