The Tennessee Titans have found themselves in one of the biggest quarterback predicament the league has seen in quite some time. Not a single quarterback on this team has a roster spot locked up, and - to make things even worse - the Titans have no real way of getting a hold of a potential QB (other than the draft) with the lockout in place. And believe me, it really is as bad as it sounds. Here are out only options behind center that are at least somewhat available:

1) Vince Young. Just kidding. We all know where the organization stands with VY. The only question I have is how we are getting rid of him: trade or release?

2) Kerry Collins. The 38-year old man is not under contract with the team, but he has said that he may be open to coming back if he is guaranteed the starting job. However, I am not so sure that would be in the best of interest with our rebuilding franchise. Also, I am not so certain that Kerry Collins wants to put off life on the farm any longer.

3) Rusty Smith. This second-year quarterback may have the brightest chances at being on the roster when the season rolls around, but his job security is extremely over-valued. The main reason Rusty had a place on this team was because of our former offensive coordinator Mike Heirmerdinger. However, with his biggest support gone, not even Smith is promised a spot with the Titans.

Option four would be drafting a rookie. The only question there is where to draft our future quarterback: do we want pay big bucks on a guy with the eight pick or wait it out and try to find a diamond in the rough? Also, new head coach Mike Munchak has said that he plans on draft a QB if there is a lockout. Personally, I do not get the logic behind that statement. I also wonder how he will know whether or not there be lockout for the season... when the draft is in April.

Guess we will just have to wait and see.