Going all in on Peyton Manning was risky business. And as soon as the 49ers jumped in on the sweepstakes, more and more people here in the Nashville area began to notice just how dangerous chasing the future HOF quarterback was. San Francisco had a sexier offer than anything the Titans were showing and many fans, including myself, began worrying that Tennessee would fail in their pursuit of Manning.

Well, it turns out that San Francisco must not have been quite the sexy offer we that they were. Peyton Manning chose against Jim Harbaugh and his up-and-coming team in favor of another. So that must mean that he wanted to come to Tennessee, right?

Wrong. Manning chose to sign with the Denver Broncos. So much for Tennessee being his home and the 49ers being such an attractive offer.

It felt like a slap in the face. Seriously. One guy compared the situation to getting dumped on prom night, and then your girlfriend chose the weird dude (Broncos) over the popular kid (49ers) just to make you (Titans) feel worse. And that really is the perfect analogy to explain the feeling in Tennessee.

We now feel like desperate fools. We thought the fact that he played college ball at Tennessee would make this easy. Owner Bud Adams put signing Manning way on top of everything else in the offseason. It didn't stop there though. The most popular radio station in the state changed its name from 107.5 the River to 107.5 the Peyton. Nissan built him a special new Nissan Titan for him. Shoney's offered free pancakes everyday if he signed with the Titans. And he was even offered a lifetime supply of Moon Pies.

How he passed that last one up is beyond me. Moon Pies are freaking delicious.

Anyways, to sum things up, this was an extremely frustrating process for me and every other fan in the area. It was the perfect season for the Titans to load up with the talented free agent pool and we missed out on a few very talented players because we went all in on Peyton Manning. And lost.

At least this organization showed some effort. I cannot criticize them for that. Matter of fact, the Titans quickly turned around and signed free agent linebacker (or defensive end in our case) Kamerion Wibley. And boy was that crucial, considering we only had two defensive ends on the roster at the time (three is not a lot better, but it is better nevertheless). I plan on writing a post about our roster situation tomorrow. Hopefully we will have made another move by then.