I know I'm late to the party, but I think it's time to look at the Titans' First Round Options. The guys we are going to look at today are Jason Pierre-Paul, Joe Hayden, and Kyle Wilson.

CB Joe Haden - 5'11, 190 Florida

This is a strech. It's highly unlikely that Joe will fall to us, but I'm sure the Titans will jump on him if he does.

Haden is a extremely athletic, durable, and smart corner. He's the guy I want to see across from Cortland Finnegan.

CB Kyle Wilson - 5'10, 190 Boise State

Kyle WIlson has a simular body type to Joe Hayden, and was actually in discussion as the top CB for a little while. And there's actually a decent chnace he could fall to number 16, unlike Hayden who is almost certain to be gone.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul - 6'6, 260 South Florida

JPP has a real good chance of dropping to 16th, but that's not due to his lack of skill. The reason Pierre-Paul isn't likely to be a top-ten guy is only due to his lack of experiance.

Jason has only been out of JuCo for one year, so he hasn't been playing top-notch talent for very long and he doesn't know to many moves on the line yet, but those things can come in time. With the right coaching (which Jim Washburn will give), JPP could end up being the best product of the draft - with his unlimited potential.

Other Prospects

Understand that the Titans are open to many options. They may look to take the best available guy, no matter what his position. I just told you about who I THINK they are looking at.