On Friday, the Cincinnati Reds come to town for a three game set that will take the Phillies through the end of the week. The opening game is the least expensive of the series, with an average ticket price of $72 dollars and a get-in price of $14. Saturday’s game is a 4:05 PM first pitch, and checks in at an average price of $84 dollars and a get-in price of $18. Sunday’s 1:05 PM matinee is the priciest of the series at $87 dollars, although it is still priced slightly below the Phillies tickets season home average of $89 dollars.

  • 5/17 vs Reds: $72/$14
  • 5/18 vs Reds: $84/$18
  • 5/19 vs Reds: $87/$19
  • Series Avg: $80 (10% below home avg)

Following this week’s games, the Phillies take to the road for eight games before returning home for their fourth interleague series on May 29th, this one against the Boston Red Sox. As is typically the case, the Red Sox are a good draw on the road. This series prices in at an average of $92 dollars, 3% above the Phillies home average.

  • 5/29 vs Red Sox: $93/$23
  • 5/30 vs Red Sox: $91/$19
  • Series Avg: $92 (3% above home avg)