Transportation of horses is made possible by the use of a horse float. Also known as a trailer, horse van or box, this vessel is specifically made for horses. It is thus more elaborately built for the comfort and safety of the pony as they are mostly transported for competition or work and must arrive in good physical condition. Before purchasing horsefloats Brisbane residents may find some of the tips below very useful.

An individual will have to decide on what type of trailer they will need. They are available in small sizes to accommodate one pony to large ones which can hold as many as six of them. Long term use of the trailer should also be thought of as having one with double units can prove advantageous should the pony start breeding.

The size of pony should be thought of as well. This will determine the length of the trailer so as to ensure the pony has some space for movement and stays comfortably without stress. A pony of average size can ideally fit in a 10 feet long space. Taking measurements is therefore an important thing to do before you proceed to make your purchase.


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The trailer height should also be considered, as through the journey the animal might hit on the roof thus hurting its head. Measuring the pony from hoof to head is recommended. Then, finding a trailer that is at least 10 inches higher than the pony head is advisable. This will give the animal maximum comfort during transportation.

A common mistake most people make is with the towing vehicle. Getting the wrong vehicle can lead to another expense altogether. It should be able to have a towing weight capacity that can haul both the trailer and the pony. The type of hitch used should also be suitable and strong. License regulations as well as traffic rules need to be considered as they restrict the weight that can be towed by a specific vehicle.

One can also consider whether to go for a secondhand one or buy a new one. Depending on your budget, a second hand one can be more affordable only if certain parameters are met. Without them one can end up doing many repairs equaling to buying a brand new trailer or even more.

The structure of trailer also need to be sound. This starts with the chassis, as it holds the body of the trailer. Look out for rot signs or dampness. Rot is very expensive to repair. The trailer should not be leaning to the side as it indicates a problem with its suspension.

The brakes should also function properly. A good trailer must have a brake mechanism. Ventilation is equally important as well as brightness. The trailer should therefore have enough sliding windows. The rear latches should be secure and easily released in an emergency. The floor should be strong enough to support the weight of the ponies. By following all these tips when buying horsefloats Brisbane can be assured of the quality of their horse float.