According to, Rey Mysterio will be traveling with the WWE this week to Sunny San Diego.  While he isn’t listed as an included Superstar for the event, he WILL be making an appearance for the company right across the street from 1-3pm.


As San Diegans ourselves, we can tell you this is nothing new.  Whenever the WWE hits San Diego, Rey Mysterio is sure to be included.  He’s a native son, and a consistent draw.  Even when the brand separation dictated that Mysterio NOT travel to San Diego, WWE made it happen anyway.


Of course, Mysterio is still recovering from injury and is extremely unlikely to return to action.  Just this past week he told The Score this regarding his return:   


“I was really hoping for SummerSlam, that was my main goal. But since it didn’t happen, I’m pushing it back one month. So, September.” (SEScoops)


But one can hope.  When Mysterio does indeed feel healthy enough to get in the ring, the WWE will greatly benefit by having a valuable veteran presence assisting in the elevation of young talent.  Yep, we’re big fans of the guy.  Primarily because he offers WWE fans something completely different than anything else in the company.


Unless you count this guy (we don’t):


According to The Mercury News, Santa Clara’s new 49er stadium is a finalist for WrestleMania 31.  Right now it’s between Santa Clara and Philadelphia.  Thursday Headlines prays that the WWE chooses Santa Clara not only because it would be extremely easy for us to travel to, but also because of the difference in quality of fans between the Bay Area and Philadelphia.  If CM Punk thought a loud fan in Anaheim was annoying, boy howdy is he going to hate wrestling in front of 70,000 Philadelphians. (Wrestling Inc)


According to certain online sources, both Ric Flair and Jim Ross appeared to be drunk at the WWE 2k14 symposium over SummerSlam weekend. While yes, Ric Flair was probably drunk, Ross took to Twitter to explain his behavior:


In that case, good ol' J.R. would only be guilty of crappy joke telling, and if that's against the law, then we're getting the hell out of Dodge! (Cageside Seats)


Independent wrestling talent "Xtain Cole" was revealed as both the bully victim of Ryback on Raw, and one of the firefighters during SummerSlam's "Ring of Fire" match. "That wasn't a real fireman?" said the friend that you can never take QUITE seriously again. (SEScoops)


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