Technically speaking, I won’t be watching for any of these things in the Holiday Bowl. In fact, I won’t be watching the Holiday Bowl at all. I’ll be flying back to Nebraska on Wednesday night, painfully unaware of the goings on in San Diego. I was one “Texas second” away from being able to see Nebraska’s final football game, to stock up on Suh memories for the long off-season, to try to glean some insight into next year’s offensive plan. Instead, I’ll probably be playing Boggle on my phone in seat 12C.

But if I were watching Wednesday night’s game, here’s what I’d be looking for.

1. An offensive pulse This is the obvious one, but this is the defining image we’ll be left with of the Husker offense in 2009. It will also set the tone for 2010. If Nebraska comes out and puts up about 300...

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