Mistake: the warmth, the better
Outdoor clothing has many kinds, such as ski jackets and cheap north face jackets , assault vests and ski jackets are different from our previous articles specifically covered, as far as warmth, warm in ski jackets than the Jackets, but for a normal weather conditions, can buy a normal emergency unit, outdoor sports clothing is sufficient. If you're not regularly participate in skiing, purchased a ski jacket is so wasted, there is no need.

Misconceptions II: more expensive, the better
Jackets which brand is good? Is your selection is better? Many outdoor sports classification system is not well understood, thought that the more you charge clothing, the better, give them greater protection and help. Here we recommend you charge clothing buying guide. cheap north face , for example, can be divided into "GEAR", "TREK", "TRAVEL" three series of products. "GEAR" is designed for mountaineering expeditions in harsh environments, Jackets is relatively expensive; the "TREK" series is suitable for General mountaineering Ski travel activities in cold weather and "TRAVEL" was mainly for the outdoor environment design of urban activities, such as camping, hiking, traveling.
Mistake three: Jackets is casual wear
Now, as the emergency clothing brands to enter the market, emergency clothing prices also declined. Now many Jackets is designed by famous fashion designers, fashion sense is very strong, tonal motion and superior thermal performance. The Jackets emergency unit, performance, many people choose used clothes as everyday clothing. In fact, the discount north face jackets are not classified as casual clothing, it is mainly designed for outdoor sports, has a high level of functionality.