October 16th has been circled on the Nebraska Cornhuskers calendar for a while.

Wear Red. Be loud. Beat Texas.

Oops, not allowed to say that last part anymore. But when the Huskers started their "Red Out Around The World" campaign, did they expect a two loss Texas team to be coming to Lincoln?

Doubtful, but regardless the 'Skers can't take their eye off the prize now.

Win the turnover battle

So far this year the Huskers defense has shown an ability to bend, but not break. 

Garrett Gilbert, the Longhorns quarterback, has already thrown five interceptions this year.

When the year began many analysts said that the Huskers secondary was among the best in the nation, and so far they have played that way. 

Through five games the Huskers have 11 interceptions, averaging a little more than two a game.

On Saturday the Huskers will need to force Gilbert to make poor decisions, and hope that the 'Skers backfield can hold onto the ball, particularly Taylor Martinez.

Establish the run game

The Longhorns have one of the most talented defenses in the nation, however they have yet to face a player like Taylor Martinez.

When the Huskers went to Manhattan they showed off their offensive plan for the Big XII; run it down their throats.

The Huskers boast the second best run offense in the nation, but also have yet to face a legitimate defense.

Texas will be expecting the run, but will they be able to stop it?

The Huskers better have a new wrinkle to keep the Longhorns on their toes.

Avoid underestimating the 'Horns

If there is such a thing as being too pumped up for a game, the Huskers may have that with this matchup.

The entire state of Nebraska wants this game, but the scary thing is that some people are beginning to assume that we do have this game.

Yes Texas has lost two in a row. Yes they aren't ranked. 

But they're still Texas, and they're still coached by Mack Brown.

It may sound odd in such an important game, but the Huskers have to be sure they don't take Texas for granted.

Texas will by far be the best team the Huskers have faced this year, and the 'Skers can't afford to make any stupid mistakes.

Bo Pelini has done a great job of keeping this team grounded, and hopefully they will be just as prepared for Texas as they were for their first two road games.


Huskers 24 Longhorns 10

The Huskers secondary will shut down Gilbert and score a defensive touchdown. The Huskers run game will find the end zone at least twice on big runs.