Hillsborough, NJ, 06-May-2013 - Thomas Biro, Landscape Architect provides the Hillsborough NJ residential landscape design services that gives owners the ability to enjoy their outdoor space and create the function they desire. The skilled professional utilizes over twenty-five years of experience and is able to address a wide range of issues that may be reducing a person's ability to enjoy their garden.

When interviewed recently Mr. Biro discussed his commitment to ensuring clients are able to achieve their goals for their garden. "Most people have an idea of the style and function that they want for their garden but are overwhelmed with the decisions that must be made to ensure that they get the results they want. I work very closely with clients to make sure that their vision comes to life and they receive the landscape design that will fit their busy lifestyle and the activities they want to enjoy. It is important that a person get all of the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions about the final look, feel and function of this often untapped resource in a home."

Mr. Biro is an award winning Landscape Architect who has served the community for over twenty years. The team offers a wide range of options to individuals who want a more beautiful and functional garden. The projects of the team have included rooftop gardens as well as therapy gardens and multi-functional spaces. The company uses the most advanced computerized design tools to draft, render and create 3d models that give clients the ability to make changes and decisions about their space before the design elements have been committed to the garden.

During the initial meeting with a homeowner Mr. Biro walks the property, discusses the functions of the garden with the homeowner and the design elements they would like to have included in the final design. The budget of the homeowner will be discussed and Mr. Biro will conduct a site analysis and ask about any special issues that the homeowner may have with the space. Mr. Biro answers any questions the homeowners have and provides general information about the options that may be available to achieve the goals of the homeowners.

After evaluating the information collected, Mr. Biro creates design options that will be most effective in meeting the needs of the homeowner. Mr. Biro meets with the homeowner several times to review plans, select materials, determine construction phasing, make changes and discuss the scheduling of the project. Mr. Thomas helps the homeowner in the selection process for contractors and conducts construction supervision.

When a long-term goal is planned for changes to the garden such as the addition of a pool, large deck or other element that could impact the overall aesthetic of the garden Mr. Biro will discuss options to the initial design that can be easily modified to fit the additions and maintain the overall beauty, function and impact of the garden.

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