What happened around the League this week?

This is getting louder.

Bleacher Report is already ranking top prospects by position for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Interested? Take a look here.

Someone decided it would be cool to redesign the 32 teams logos. For the record, I hate the Steelers redesign, but love the Browns...logos folks, not teams.

The Chiefs might be for real. Especially their defense. The Eagles still need some work in Chip Kelly’s offense.

Von Miller really didn’t want to pee in a cup. And the lesson here is that you should at least be in the same city when trying to substitute a clean catch. Duh.

Emmanuel Sanders definitely has a career after football. 

The Patriot Way seems to be missing in action. The Pats have lost 2 Super Bowls and 3 AFC Championships in the last decade. Only Tom Brady and Wilfork are SB winners on the Pats current team. They need to find an elite player either in the draft or a top free agent.

Its been the Texans year since about 2008. We're still waiting. Its been a loooooong year.

Kaepernick. What say you Niners fans?

Mike Wallace who? Even Miami cant find him. In three weeks he's had few catches for fewer yards. Expensive yards. Some people just can't handle South Beach.

Brandon Marshall grew up a steelers fan.

The Steelers sucked. Glimpses of former greatness are not enough. The receivers need to get separation, the line needs to protect Ben better, Ben needs to throw accurately and the defense needs to get takeaways. The end.

And now, science shows that when your team sucks, you eat more bad food. Great. *avoids the scale for the rest of the season*

Science probably also shows that Jacoby Jones should stay off the party bus and avoid strippers named Sweet Pea who wield bottles and smart phones with Instagram.

These ladies, Meesh and Mia, have football gear for women.  For once, I like the looks for the women fans. Check out what they have for the Steelers fans. I can also support my alma maters - Penn State and Pitt. Lots of options for the female fans!