The Steelers look horrible, though better than last week, against the Bengals. Lose 20-10 dropping 0-2 for the first time in Mike Tomlin era. 

I can't even bring myself to write a recap of this game.

Only 12% of NFL teams since 1990 have made it to the playoffs after starting a season 0-2. *sigh*

The Jets put Sanchez on IR - designated to return - snooze. Is Geno still starting? I don't even know. At least there's one team with a saga worse than the Steelers right now.

“Everyone in Washington thought it was going to be their year. You underestimate the whole league when guys like RGIII [think] ‘I can just [play] and do what I need to do.’” – Michael Irvin on the Washington Redskins


“The Washington Redskins offensive line cannot protect Robert Griffin III as a pocket passer. In the pocket, he is at risk.” – Marshall Faulk on the Washington Redskins offense

The Redskins O-Line has been a problem since the days of Jason Campbell. For whatever reason, they always think they can get some shiny, new QB and the problem goes away, instead it just makes the problem even more obvious. Of course, who am I to talk about crappy O-Lines right now?

or rather, perhaps I am an expert in crappy O-lines? You be the judge.

“Randall Cobb is a No. 1 wide receiver and Jordy Nelson is a No. 1 wide receiver and  they are performing like No. 1s.” – Michael Irvin on Green Bay Packers wide receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson

“Julio Jones is one of the top 4 wide receivers in the NFL at this point.” – Deion Sanders on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones

Note, none of them are Emmanuel Sanders or Antonio Brown. Someone give the Steelers offense some life support. 

Browns trade Trent Richardson to the Colts - does it make sense? Here's what folks in Cleveland think....

The good news? This move pretty much says the Steelers *should* have two wins this season.