I guess the only way to describe last nights seventh inning meltdown by Bobby Parnell and the Mets bullpen can be boiled down to one word - CRAPTASTIC! The bullpen took one of Jon Niese's strongest performances of the year and went on to crap the bed . But the blame can't rest solely on the shoulders of our generally strong bullpen. The offense is still poor when it comes to driving in runs. Don't let the five spot on the scoreboard fool you , three of those runs were scored after the game was ultimately decided. my friends this is getting uglier with every day that passes ( I'm waiting for Fred Wilpon to break out his Martin acoustic guitar and sing " Here Comes The Sun") and lets face it - we have a better shot of getting a chant of " The Tragic Is Back !' than getting into the postseason !I have been thinking hard recently of all the what ifs and maybes that have littered the landscape that is the 2010 season ( you can insert your own in the comment section).What if :the Mets went the extra mile and attempted to sign either a John Lackey or Joel Pinero.Maybe : it wasn't the wisest decision to play Mike Jacobs and Gary Matthews Jr. when it was clear as crystal that they had a better shot of hitting the mega millions than they did the baseball.What if :  Omar Minaya had some kind of " total autonomy " , maybe this team wouldn't be struggling as it is right now.Maybe: Jerry Manuel picked up a copy of Managing For Dummies , instead of going with his gut.What if: John Maine returned to his '07 form? ( nahh he's a habitual liar!)Maybe:The Mets should wise up and just release Oliver Perez !What if:the umpires didn't screw up in that game that Mike Pelfrey pitched against the Reds, I believe that's what uultimately  messed up his mindset.Maybe:Fred and Jeff Wilpon should be more open with the fan base about how well the team is doing financially ( maybe we'd understand!).Maybe they should have changed this years slogan to " We Believe In Seven Inning Games !! - At least there would have been some truth in the advertising.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " Nuff said !!"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Sincerest birthday wishes go out to Danny Graves (1973).Danny pitched out of the bullpen during the '05 season.Starting pitcher for the putrid '04 team, Tyler Yates is 33 (1977) . He was last seen pitching in relief for the Pittsburgh Pirates.New York Mets traded the Mets first bonafide power hitter, outfielder Frank Thomas to the Philadelphia Phillies for pitcher, Gary Kroll and third baseman, Wayne Graham on August 7, 1964.New York Mets released one time power hitter, George Foster on August 7, 1986. Foster had worn out his welcome well into his four year contract with the Mets. The Mets didn't release him until he made inflammatory comments about the Mets front office calling them racist.New York Mets released outfielder and all around clubhouse cancer, Shane Spencer on August 7, 2004.New York Mets claimed Ricky Ledee on waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 7, 2006.Mo Vaughn has been banned from MCU Park after Thursday nights altercation with Greg Vaughn . The accounts are still fuzzy if it was over the last rack of ribs at the concession stand or if it was over who sired Mets outfielder of the future - Corey Vaughn !