Last night was a night that I will never forget ! I along with some of my Mets blogger brethren (Ceetar, Kerel from On The Black, Greg and Jason from F&FIF, Shannon from Mets Police etc) were invited by the Mets to attend early on field batting practice , with the opportunity of possibly interviewing some Mets players, along with a complimentary ticket to see the game. Well the moment that I walked onto the red clay of Citi Field I was awestruck ! Sitting on the grass in front of us doing their limbering exercises were David Wright, Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan. Carlos Beltran was in the outfield shagging fly balls, while the coaches threw batting practice and other kinds of hitting and fielding drills.I witnessed everything from Eddie Coleman interviewing Jerry Manuel for the WFAN pre-game managers report ( had to hold my tongue), to columnists such as Dave Lennon from Newsday hanging around the dugout trying to get information for his daily column. Hell the thing that really blew my mind was when Fred Wilpon strolled leisurely in front of us watching his 130 million dollar team , and just looking real happy. Jay Horowitz was running around like a man possessed and I was surprised to see Ed Kranepool on the field watching batting practice and yucking it up with the players and coaches. I even got to hang in the dugout !! In the end most of us ( I myself included) weren't able to get any interviews with any of the players, but this ranks right up there as one of the best moments of my life !!Johan Santana first inning definitely wasn't sharp, but if it weren't for David Wright double clutching his throw to first , the score might have been 3-0 instead of 6-0. Carlos Beltran's first home-run of the season was a laser, and it was great to see him returning to form as a hitter. Mike Hessman surprised us all with his two run double in the first. But I'll tell you, I left the game in the top of the eighth because I have to get up at 4:15 this morning, but I heard the Mets comeback and said to myself, even if they lose this game at least they went down fighting. And go down figting they did, it took 13 innings before the Cards finally defeated the Mets, it was a heartbreaking loss but in many ways it was a moral victory. Unfortunately at the time of me writing this, according to MLBTR, The Phillies and the Astros have agreed in principle on a trade that would send J.A Happ among others to Houston for   Ace pitcher Roy Oswalt ! My friends it has just gotten harder for the Mets to win the division - and all I can say is - UGH !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " Keep your hands off his power supply !!"  And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the first shortstop in Mets history,Felix Mantilla (1934)  Also celebrating a birthday is the sacrificial lamb - err I mean first base coach from last season,Luis Alicea. He is 45 today  (1965).New York Mets traded minor league outfielder,Jacke Davis to the St. Louis Cardinals for outfielder, Duke Carmel on July 29, 1963.New York Mets traded the passionless second baseman, Jeff Kent and  infielder/ outfielder,  José Vizcaino to the Cleveland Indians for   faded second baseman,Carlos Baerga and Alvaro Espinoza on July 29, 1996.New York Mets traded Rey" The Barber "  Sanchez to the Seattle Mariners for minor league outfielder,  Kenny Kelly on July 29, 2003.  STOP THE PRESSES !! It has been reported that Mo Vaughn is so depressed about the pending Roy Oswalt to the Philles deal that he has declared that he has lost his appetite !!