First off , great exciting game last night ! It was good to see Takahashi stymie the Diamondbacks for six innings last night, striking out 12. It is also heartening to see Jesus Feliciano stroke his first triple of the season in the bottom of the ninth putting us in that position to win, But it is David Wright who has been the most impressive of late. He seems to be carrying this team on his back, scoring three of the Mets five runs.But I am torn. I like most of the more rational part of the fan base am understanding yet disappointed with the lack of movement on the Mets behalf as the trade deadline clock ticked down to zero. I wanted the Mets to make a deal - it didn't matter if it was a blockbuster or a salary dump for a salary dump ( see Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo for Carlos Zambrano). I wanted the Mets to try to sell some kind of hope to this fan-base. Instead I believe they inadvertently conceded the '10 season. I hope I am wrong withmy last statement, but it just seems like we have gotten the same old song and dance from the front office about they will be active around the trade deadline, but then when it comes and goes there is some type of excuse - whether it is " we couldn't find a match withany teams" or we didn't want to part with any of our top tier prospects". I agree with the latter excuse, because for example with in the case of the Octavio Dotel for Robert Carson trade rumor, I wouldn't trade a highly regarded ( even though he has many rough edges) pitching prospect for a reliever that has a e.r.a of over four and will b a free agent after the season. Same thing goes withThe Cubs wanting Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole for Brett Myers. Myers is a good pitcher, but I refuse to give up a potential closer of the future and our possible starting catcher next season for him. But with that said I feel that the Mets organization once again misread the landscape of the trade deadline, just like they did with this past off seasons hot stove. I do feel there were deals that the Mets could have made that wouldn't have impacted our minor leagues that much. I do feel that the Wilpon's drew a line in the sand with Omar on how much payroll he would be allowed to take on at the deadline, and I don't believe the Mets are being totally honest with their fan-base in terms of their financial status - but they are not a publicly traded corporation so in essence it isn't out business. Look there is still hope that the Mets can still go on a prolonged hot streak. But it is hard when both the Phillies, the Braves and all the teams ahead of us in the wild card chase have fortified their roster. We need too many things to go right for us to see post season play. I hope that we are playing meaningful games in October and not running out the string come September, because I have the feeling if the latter is the case, then Citi Field will once again be a ghost town. So Omar, Fred , Jeff   - Hows about throwing us Mets fans a bone and just release Oliver Perez. It would go along way in showing the fan-base that you are willing to rectify your past mistakes.And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " I guess sometimes the best move is no move at all   ."Today would have been the the 85th birthday of former Mets manager,Staten Island's own - George Bamberger (1925).George was a good manager, but unfortunately he had little talent on the teams that he skippered from '82-83.The extremely talented - and extremely hated, Gregg Jefferies is 43 (1967) . Many fans and former players alike considered his being given the keys of the kingdom by Mets brass as the down fall of the Mets organization in the late '80's and early '90's.Middle reliever for the '97- '98 Mets, Brian Bohanon is 42 (1968) .An on this date in 1989, the Mets ripped the heart and soul out of their organization when they traded popular center-fielder, Mookie Wilson to the Toronto Blue Jays for relievers, Jeff Musselman and Mike Brady .Mo Vaughn was on hand for the MetsHall Of Fame luncheon yesterday, but was promptly thrown out when he got into a fight with Rusty Staub over who was first in line for the hanger steak sandwhich.