++TF++Matt Carpenter 4-5, RBI triple in the Cardinals go ahead rally in the 5th and scored the winning run in the 12th, giving St. Louis a critical victory over the Pirates, 6-5++TF++Chris Nelson 2HRs, his second shot was a grand slam that broke the game open, helping the Angels top the Yankees (his former club) 8-4++TF++Zack Wheeler (No Dec.) 12k, 1bb in 6innings against the San Diego Padres set up the Mets’ 4-1 triumph++TF++Anibal Sanchez pitched into the 8th inning letting up only one run over 7 1/3 innings, getting the Tigers a win in an important division rival match up (5gm series) against the Royals, 4-1++TF++Sonny Gray (W 1-1) 8ip 4h 0r 9k++TF++Reds have won 5 straight++TF++MLB to expand instant replay in 2014++TF++Jose Altidore's hatty in soccer friendly v Bosnia

-TF--Boone Logan .2ip 3r 2bb 1h surrenders the GW Grand Slam v Angels--TF--Red Sox 10h off Blue Jay starter Mark Buerhle, 12 LOB, absorb the loss in Toronto--TF--Former Grand Slam doubles champ Bob Hewitt charged with 2 counts of rape, 1 of sexual assault--TF--Retired cyclist, American team official Andreas Klier gets 6-month ban after doping confession--TF--not handing TheFanny to broadcaster Jack Clark, but to Justin Verlander, who Clark hinted has indulged PEDs during his overpowering seasons (1 Cy Young). Verlander merely 12-8 in '13 while mound-mate Scherzer is 18-1. Just wonderin'!


SportsChatChuck @SportsChatChuck  Pro-Paterno billboard erected in central Pa. Waste of money. It's over. Give the $$$ to fight child abuse.

Sports Recall @SportsRecall  Jonathan Vilma needs knee surgery, will miss preseason

The Waiver Hounds @TheWaiverHounds  Pittsburgh Steelers' top two RBs hurt in practice:

U.S. SPORTS.FAN. @sportsrainman Vick thanks Chip Kelly for making football fun via

The Waiver Hounds @TheWaiverHounds Chicago produce four takeaways for second straight preseason game:

McNeil and Spiegel @MacAndSpiegs Cutler appears to berate ball boy during - game

THE NFL HOTLINE @THENFLHOTLINE  GM: Patrick Peterson 'closest' to Bo, Deion

USA TODAY Sports @USATODAYsports  Report: A-Rod's 'inner circle' leaked documents on Braun:

ESPNBoston @ESPNBoston John Lackey of Boston Red Sox says Alex Rodriguez should not be playing through his appeal

WFAN Sports Radio @WFAN660  John Lackey on A-Rod playing: “I’ve got a problem with it. You bet I do." He starts Saturday for BoSox v. . |

87 Sportsfans @87sportsfans  Just when you thought A-Rod couldn't get any douchier

WEEI @WEEI  AUDIO: Joel Sherman on Alex Rodriguez's return to Fenway

Jason McIntyre @jasonrmcintyre  Well done, Thomas. +1 RT : can A-Rod appeal the story?

Cindy Boren @CindyBoren  Enjoy Fenway tonight, A-Rod

Deadspin @Deadspin  Duke and Indiana football players charged with felony battery. Oh, and John Mellencamp's sons are involved:

TeamBoston @TeamBoston  Jerry Remy’s son arrested for murder

NBC Sports @NBCSports  Oscar Pistorius will be indicted for premeditated murder when he returns to South African court on Monday:

Sports Quotes @Sports_Greats  A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. -Mary Lou Retton

EDITOR'S TAKE ~ I really dont get this ^^^^^ one. I've dusted off memories all my life. You?

Laken Litman @LakenLitman  This man ran 163 miles without sleeping to honor Boston Marathon victims:

EDITOR'S TAKE ~ kidding me? 1st of all, I hardly run, for any reasons. 2ndly, I drive 165mi every Wed for my job. This ^^^^ man is close to superhuman!

Ryan Burns @FtblSickness  Things that are not worth it: RT : Oh man, Browns game streaker has to register as a sex offender? His entire life is screwed now.

Benny B @TheBennyBash  Holy crap!!! Barry Gibb is the backup Qb for the San Diego Chargers!!!

ATP World Tour @ATPWorldTour  This will be the 31st meeting between & . The Rivalry:

ESPN @espn  Since Good Will Hunting was released in 1998, the Red Sox have gone 0-14 on Ben Affleck's birthday (8/15). How ‘bout them apples?

MLB @MLB   pitching coach Rick Adair takes personal leave of absence; Bill Castro moves to pitching coach, Scott McGregor named bullpen coach.

Awful Announcing @awfulannouncing Big news from last night: Fox Sports 1 WILL be on Dish, DirecTV, and TWC this Saturday.

Nat'lSportFanNetwork @NatSportsFanNet  They've been credible doing so, wonder if gonna continue citing for certain news? Wonder if gonna reciprocate?

Sport Hotties™ @SportHotties  Baseball Knockers


EDITOR'S TAKE ~ not even #AlfonsoSoriano knocks of late are beauitiful as these!

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