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Today's uploaded blogslide isn't as complete & well-rounded as I have planned. My lil 14 month old has about completed his nap. And I want my project completed. Check in later. I want to study some of the sports fun that a few cities boasted about over the weekend. And soon, I plan to blog about Aldon Smith, rehabs, and alcoholism. Oh, my son says hello! I can hear him from his room! 'Til next time, you crazy sportsfans....

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Rounding out some final thoughts which havent made the blogslide...sports fans in Atlanta & Houston get a nod for TheFameys. Abounding sports excitement on Sunday in both cities, with closing day of regular season #MLB & close matchups of their #NFL teams. Fun 2B Fan, I say!! Sunuvagun, let's hashtag that phrase...#fun2bfan !! I would give a TheFamey to Max Scherzer, I guess. He's the only 20gm winner (21) in all of #MLB. Therefore, #MLB gets TheFanny. Why does #JakeLocker have to suffer <2> late hits on the same play? #Goodell needs to fine those Jets defenders but it makes more sense to suspend 1 or 2 gms. Titans fans now suffer & season ticket holders quite honestly get a mid-season lesser value deal. Really, I think I'm speaking fairly. Your judgment? Government shutdown will be so cool if Obama goes to a golf course for a round and they shut the gates minutes before he arrives. C'mon, someone have some (golf) balls!! Dale Sveum gets the Cub shutdown and it's because the 25 guys around him suck, too. Glad to see Ron Gardenhire will return in Minny. Maybe another TheFanny I could've arranged is Chip Kelly & the University of Philadelphia Eagles and how they got schooled, 'universitied', in the no-huddle Bronco lesson. Play ball! The Road to The World Series begins tonight. The road to my first NHL Fantasy League began Saturday night. No idea what I was doing. No worries, because it's just 1 segment of an awesome Fantasy Iron Man Challenge that 12 of us entered. @parttimesports organized a multi-sport fantasy contest where the winner will be honored as the best overall fantasy player in, I guess. I'm leading as of today.

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