Another week down in WWE and another seven days closer to WrestleMania XXX so let’s see what happened in the past week in the WWE Universe.


WWE Week in Review 3/3/14-3/9/14

Vince McMahon trolls Chicago.

Bow down to the master, bow down to Vince McMahon. There was talk for a couple of weeks that the crowd in Chicago was going to “hijack” RAW. So, what does Vince McMahon do? He plays the WWE Universe like puppets.

On a scale of 1-10 on how bad that crowd could have been they were probably at a 3. The only time they were out of line was during the Christian/Sheamus match. Other than that, the CM Punk chants were kept to a minimum and the show was reacted to the way you’d expect it to.

The show opened with “Cult of Personality” playing and everyone was expecting CM Punk to come out and instead it was none other than Paul Heyman. I don’t think there was anyone else in WWE that could have pulled off this “trolling” better than Heyman with the exception of Vince himself. Vince sent Paul Heyman out there so the fans could get all their venom out early and they did. Heyman did a masterful job of playing the fans’ emotions. He was first sympathetic with them for Punk not being there then turned on them telling them they are the reason that Punk wasn’t around anymore. Then, and only Heyman can do this, seamlessly transitioned the promo into heat for himself and Brock Lesnar for their WrestleMania match with The Undertaker. It was a masterful job by Mr. Heyman.

In addition to that, Vince gave the crowd pleasing moments such as The Usos Tag Title win and the Shield/Wyatts rematch. WWE also had Daniel Bryan get physical with Triple H and had The Authority go full heel so the crowd would direct their venom at them. It was a masterfully booked show and Vince McMahon deserves all the credit in the world for keeping Chicago in check and made RAW enjoyable instead of the mess it could have been.


There’s still no sign of CM Punk.

I’m sorry WWE Universe, but it’s time to move on. If he didn’t return this past Monday, I can’t see him returning at all now and to be honest, I don’t even want him to at this point. I want to  I’m a CM Punk fan and he makes WWE better by being on RAW and SmackDown but you have to remember that he left. He is the one that walked out on WWE and in essence the fans. I feel like I say this every week but I keep having people tell me that WWE is in the wrong here. I’m sorry but I don’t see it that way. Punk was slotted as the number two babyface in WWE behind John Cena and was going to face Triple H at WrestleMania by all accounts. That’s hardly being “held down” as I’ve been told by some people.

If Punk were to show up say this Monday and be slotted into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania, I’d have a huge problem and it would set a terrible precedent. You can’t have guys walking out and ruining the build to your biggest show only to return when they see fit because they finally got what they wanted.

Yea, it sucks that Punk went out the way he did and he hasn’t had the chance to say “goodbye” and put on more classic matches but it was his choice to leave and it’s time to let him fade away like he apparently wants. Stop chanting his name and start focusing on the guys that didn’t walk out on you and are busting their tails every night to entertain you.


Main Event moves to the Network and will air live going forward.

When WWE debuted Main Event I liked the concept of the show. They would have a one hour program built around one match featuring top tier talent. They would give the wrestlers at least 20 minutes to have a match and they’d have interviews with the talent before and after the match getting their perspective on the match and they would also air videos on each guy showing you a different side of them. It was something different and with all the programming that WWE churns out it is important to differentiate between the shows so the fans don’t have an attitude that they can miss certain shows.

That format lasted all of two months but they would still have great matches and the rest of the hour would be supplemented by RAW recaps and other matches featuring ancillary talent. That was fine to me but after the New Year the show deteriorated into Superstars 2.0. The show last week was headlined by Rybaxel and 3MB vs. The Rhodes Brothers and Los Matodores including the bull. That’s a far cry from the Champion vs. Champion CM Punk vs. Sheamus match that headlined the debut show.

On RAW, WWE announced that Main Event would air live on the Network and on SmackDown made the announcement that it would go live Tuesday nights on the Network going forward. For the first live Main Event they had Daniel Bryan face Kane. That’s a huge step up from the last show. With so much content on the Network it would be nice to see Main Event reclaim its old format so whether live or on demand, it gives the fans a reason to seek out the program. It was at least a step in the right direction that we saw Daniel Bryan and a Tag Team Championship Match this past Tuesday.


Other News

Hulk Hogan will be on RAW this Monday. Hogan is being advertised as having a huge WrestleMania announcement. A lot of speculation is that Hogan will book Daniel Bryan into a match at WrestleMania.

The Undertaker also returns this Monday. I haven’t heard if Brock Lesnar will be there but if Undertaker doesn’t stab someone with a pen, I will be disappointed.

The Usos win the WWE Tag Team Titles. The twin brothers beat the New Age Outlaws to win the titles this past Monday night. It was a special moment that really should have happened at WrestleMania but good for the Usos, they really worked hard and deserved it.

Paul Bearer is added to the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014. No one gave me more nightmares as a child than he and The Undertaker. He was a one of a kind manager and very deserving of the honor.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm naming Daniel Bryan Wrestler of the Week. You probably figure that it's because Bryan main evented RAW, Main Event and SmackDown this week, winning each of his matches. It's not. He's the wrestler of the week because him making fun of Batista's skinny jeans and belly button tattoo on SmackDown was the greatest thing to ever occur in a WWE ring.


The Retro Wrestling Match of the Week: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart in a Submission Match at WrestleMania 13.

I was playing WWE 2K14 the other day and I played the 30 Years of WrestleMania, Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin match from WrestleMania 13. After completing the match I had to turn on WWE Network and rewatch this classic. This match had everything you could want in a wrestling bout. Aside from being a five star classic, it was the payoff to a heated feud that was simmering for almost six months. You had the perfectly played double turn where Hart became a heel and Austin was positioned as the top babyface after the match. The thing that will always stand out to me is how perfectly Bret Hart played his role. Hart entered that match as the veteran legend and his job was to make Stone Cold Steve Austin look like a million bucks and put him over as the next top guy in the company. Despite winning the match, Hart did exactly that and should be commended for that effort. This match gave us the iconic shot of a bloody Austin trying to fight out of the Sharpshooter. Austin lost but never gave up. He passed out from the pain and made the fans believe he was indeed the “toughest SOB in the WWF”. This was a true classic on an otherwise forgettable WrestleMania.


The Awards

Wrestler of the Week- Daniel Bryan

Match of the Week- The Shield vs. The Wyatts (RAW 3/3/14)


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