(image source: OSU Alumni/Corvallis Gazette Times)I've added the 2010 schedule to the sidebar. Check it.BTW- 6% of the OSU Beaver Football Blog readership picked OSU to go 8-5 in 2009. 94% of us are donkeys ( I picked the Beav's to go 9-4).The TCU game is still in negotiation, hopefully the deal will blow up and OSU can get their shit together.OSU is clearly not thinking straight. I've said it a million times, OSU does not need Top 10 opponents in the pre-season to get in the BCS!!!!Why are people in Corvallis so stupid??? They already have the facilities! They don't need more money to win. GIVE ME A BREAK!Play winnable opponents in the Pac-10 preseason and win the Pac and you are in the BC F'in' S. WTF?

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