The Toronto Maple Leafs have the worst penalty kill in the NHL this season. They have killed 68.9% of opposing team’s penalties. The second worst team is the Edmonton Oilers who are over 7% better with a 76% success rate. The NHL has recorded penalty kill success rates since the 1963/64 season and this year’s Leafs team has the third worst rate in history. Behind the Net Hockey has a nice summary of the worst penalty kills in history. The two teams that were worse in raw percentage than this year’s Maple Leafs are the 1979/80 Los Angeles Kings and the 1982/83 Kings who came in at 67.7% and 68.24% respectively. With a bad game or two, the Leafs could be in that range. In fact at times they have fallen behind the 83 Kings penalty kill rate only to recover a bit.

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