It seems that early on in this season, if a Monster Jam driver has the last name of Anderson, there's a strong chance victory is coming.  In the third weekend out, that seemed to be the case as the entire family of Diggers brought home hardware.

Up north of the border, the youngest Anderson in competition brought his extremely popular truck to the Rogers Centre in Toronto for the first time.  Ryan Anderson got to show off for the first time in Son-Uva Digger at the kickoff to the Maple Leaf Tour, taking on the likes of Avenger, Max-D and Grave Digger.

It seemed to be a perfect fit as he would roll easily through the racing bracket to take home his first racing trophy of the new season.  Unfortunately, when he tried to go out for freestyle, the truck was not performing up to par.

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The other Anderson boys got to head outdoors for the first time all year as both Dennis and Adam were in Tampa, Florida, hitting Raymond James Stadium.  Adam had his Grave Digger the Legend coming off consecutive Double Downs from the previous weekend, while Dennis had his all-new Grave Digger charging in after yet another racing win in Atlanta.  With the likes of Gunslinger, Max-D with Tom Meents driving, El Toro Loco and others going after two wins, the competition was going to be tight.

But, just like the first two weekends, it seemed like Dennis took to his new truck without any issues.  After a bye run in the first round, he would take out Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger, then Ironman, making a final round matchup happen against Marc McDonald in the black El Toro Loco.

Despite a great effort, Dennis would swing the new Grave Digger XXX across the finish line first, winning his third straight stadium event, and pushing his record of rounds won in the new truck to 13-0, the only undefeated truck thus far in the season.

When freestyle came around, it was going to be a night where the massive track meant many had to be careful, while also taking risks.  As the field went through truck after truck, Adam Anderson was ready to take out his frustrations of not running well in racing on the big floor, and with a new piece underneath him, there was no telling what he was going to have to do to win.  His truck hadn't lost a freestyle competition all year, and on this night he didn't intend that to happen.

His run in Tampa went the full two minute allotment, and included a surprise flash fire when he drove over an already destroyed camper, but it didn't hurt the truck.  He kept going sky-high, and included two saves, one with a flat tire.  After the lights stopped his scored time, he still went on and pulled a backflip that eventually put him on the side.

Not even a spectacular run by Tom Meents that included a backflip/corkscrew maneuver could top it, as he would damage the driveline in the truck that kept him from big moves to finish off the run.  That left only one truck remaining...his dad.

The patriarch of the Anderson family made a lap around the track to get the crowd hyped...then suddenly out of the tunnel roared another Grave Digger, this one driven by Charlie Pauken.  Instead of one black-and-green wrecking machine tearing up Tampa, it was a dual run that saw both trucks go big, Dennis tear a tire off but still continue on, and culminate with Pauken hitting the big jump and flipping forward in his new piece, but landing on all four tires.

To cap off the night, the mysterious Doom's Day truck made another appearance and run, ending with a backflip that tore off the right-front tire.  In the end, the truck was covered with a tarp, as the driver exited into an awaiting SUV, as no one still knows the identity of who is driving the machine.

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