Thank God!

Today ended a stretch where, starting on June 18th, the Angels played 42 of 45 games against teams with winning records, including 4 teams that were in first place at the time the Angels played them, and 3 that were in the Wild Card spot/s at the time the Halos met with them.

The Angels record in the 42 of 45 games vs winning teams: 21-21. They were 23-22 in the full 45.

They survived.

In their previous 47 games, the Angels were 30-17, a stretch that started on April 28th, the day the Angels called up Mike Trout and were 6-14.

The last road trip was frustrating, but to get out of the toughest stretch of the schedule at 23-22 is still pretty encouraging.

Out of the remaining 50 games, the Angels play only 25 against winning teams, out of which they will play 2 of the 3 current division leaders, and both current Wild Card berth holders.

It's a polarized schedule too because all the losing teams the Angels are facing the rest of the season are teams that are way back in the standings.

So getting a playoff spot (Division or Wild Card) may come down to 2 things: head to head match ups against the Rangers and/or A's, and feeding off those losing teams.

Just have to get that bullpen in order, and get more quality starts from the starting rotation.

But I think coming back home for the longest home stand of the season will help them press the reset button, and then they can take this opportunity to feed off of the Mariners and Indians at the Big A.