An escort it not automatically a woman, because there are even male top london escorts who can entertain, with a good company, the business women. Nowadays, because there are so many powerful woman doing amazing businesses, the need of male escorts have also increased, because it is not natural for a woman to go alone and eat dinner in town or to go to a business party also alone. This is what all the male top london escorts have to offer.



In order to become one of the males top london escorts, the steps are the same as for a woman escort. One of the requirements for the escort is to have good looks. The men don’t have to be only beautiful, but also athletic, with a certain dress code and fashion sense.  The reason behind this is that no business woman wants to walk around with a sloppy man, especially if she has to pay a fee for that.


Besides a decent education, both cultural and social, the future top london escorts need to know many foreign languages, to have charisma and good manners when in public.  Apart from these, a male escort must also learn how to be discreet.


Just like the women top london escorts, also the male escorts can work for an agency or as an independent contractor. Usually, a man becomes an independent escort if he has experience working for an agency. That way, he has a base of clients who will want to work with him in the future, and also the information about how this kind of business work.


There is also a more sensitive part in being a male escort. Because men are more powerful physicaly than the women, they have to work very carefully to not give to the client the wrong impression. They are not supposed to, under any circumstances, make sexual advances to the client, or ask for massages or anything else that is inappropriate.


It has been a while since this business is not exclusively for women, and the men are able to offer the same good quality services as the women. It is not entirely easy to become one of all the top london escorts, because certain qualities are required. As it is in the women escorts industry, it is a little complicated to initiate a job like this. Most of the people who end up as escorts are proposed by former escorts or escorts that are still working. A very good health, nice looks and personality are the top three features that future males escorts in London must have, but not the only ones. The client is also the one who can create a career for the escort or not.