There is good news for anyone who has received gift cards that they do not and will not use. This could be due to the type of store not being located in their area, or the store not selling anything that they would be. Many times these are tossed aside and forgotten about. However, that is actually quite wasteful. It makes more sense to put them up for sale and recoup some of what was spent on them. Fortunately, it is easy to sell a gift card.

Know what you have. Search drawers and cabinets to find any that have been placed there. Determine the value of each of your cards. This will give you and idea of what you have and how much you may be able to receive.

Do some research to determine the best way for you to sell these. There are several options and all have pros and cons. Doing some research will allow you to find the one best suited to you. The one that you choose will often depend on how quickly you need the money. Some will take longer than others.

List the item on websites such as Craigslist. One is able to place an ad free of charge on this site. Place in your local area. This way you can sell it and get your money right away. There will be no need for shipping. List it at a discounted price in order to attract buyers. Everyone loves to get a good deal. You should be willing to take at least five or ten dollars off the true value.

Try a one on one sale. Ask those you know if they are interested. Be sure to knock a few dollars off the regular price to make it enticing. This is the best way to get a buyer. Put the word out that you have one or more for sale and ask those you know to spread the word.

Ebay is another option for anyone not in a hurry. People will be able to bid on your items. You will then send them out and receive your money. This is another option that is best for those not in immediate need of money. It will take some time to for the auction to end and to get the item sent out.

List your cards on eBay. This way others can bid on them. As long as the cost is less than the face value, you have a good chance of making the sale. You will not get your money right away, you will have to ship the item and then get your payment.

Any of the above ways will work for anyone who wishes to sell a gift card. These are great ways to get some use out of items that would have gone to waste. This is a winning situation for you and the buyer.

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