Finally, it is here. The game that has demanded media attention since it was scheduled years ago. The game that has been the talk of national media all week. The game that has received more social networking hype than any athletic event in recent memory. 


That's right, it is time for the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks to take on the UNDEFEATED Volunteers of Tennessee. Let's break it down a bit.




Tennessee QB/WR/TE v Oregon Secondary



If there have been any complaints of Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley, they have been the following:


- throws off of his back foot into traffic often


rarely hits his receiver in stride


weak arm and struggles to make the big boy throws


Other than that, Worley has shown to be more than competent in terms of getting the team lined up, snapping the ball before the play clock expires, etc.


The receivers, led by true freshman Marquez North, have shown the ability to catch the ball when thrown in their vicinity. One of them has hair like Kid Rock, which is cool as well.



Through 2 games, the Oregon defense has given up zero (0) touchdowns through the air and are currently ranked 7th in points against (6.5 ppg). Their secondary is extremely fast and extremely deep. 



Advantage - Tennessee





Oregon QB/WR/TE v Tennessee Secondary


This matchup worries me a bit. Oregon's quarterback, Marcus Mariota, has a tremendous arm.... and also runs a 4.4


As can be expected with Oregon, their receivers are lightning fast and take advantage of teams who are slow at the edge. They score points in a hurry. 




The Tennessee defense created 5 turnovers in 6 plays last week against a very good Western Kentucky team. 3 of those were interceptions, 2 of which were pick 6's.... I think you know what that means.... Turnovers comin'



Advantage - Big Fucking Orange




Tennessee OL/RB v Oregon DL/LB


This is where Tennessee has the large advantage. You guys remember the old Oregon Trail game that you played in Elementary school? Remember how you could purchase oxen (is oxen plural for ox I have no idea)? Yeah, well Tennessee has purchased (via athletic scholarship) 5 fucking oxen. They are big and fuck defensive lines up. We have a couple of running backs who run the football as well. 











...........It really doesn't matter which undersized defensive linemen/linebackers Oregon trots out because the above image is. not. fucking. happening.



Advantage -  Tennessee Ox(en)





Oregon OL/RB v Tennessee DL/LB


OK look this is what Oregon does best. They are ranked 2nd nationally in rushing yards. Last week against Virginia, they had something like 18 total minutes of possession and 557 total yards They have what has to be the biggest home run threat since Reggie Bush in "Black Mamba" De'Anthony Thomas. Paired with dual threat QB Marcus Mariota, they have to be the most electrifying backfield in college football.



Good thing none of that fucking matters because Yung Jac Smith is back this week.



Advantage - Even (barely)






Special Teams 


I'd like to see De'Anthony Thomas try to return a punt that is out of bounds. Hint: You're not allowed to do that in college football Mamba you fucking idiot. So it seems like Butch Jones has flipped the script on that ass.



Advantage - Butch Jones







One Man's Fearless Prediction - The line on this has been wavering big time all week. One day it is at Oregon laying 26, the next day it is Oregon laying 30. That kind of indecisiveness tells me something is up. That's why I'm going



VOLS - 37

Oregon - 17