the 3,920,000 yuan unique reversible tune perpetual calendar watch appeared in ShanghaiSolomon Watch and Jewellery Xintiandi manager Miss Liu introduced, because the calendar table calendar every 100 years there will be a time error of 1 day, 2100, the ordinary calendar table should be returned to original opening the lid tuning error Athens <a href="">Vacheron Constantin watches</a> GMT  Perpetual Calendar requires only a self-crown backward rotation. The design exhibition by the internationally renowned ChMiss Liu told the "Daily Economic News", to this GMT  Perpetual Calendar Watch limited edition of 100, each engraved with the number, although the price is not low, but are very popular because of its unique design and lasted seven show a was developed to complete the SONATA Sonata ringing table, the first in the world only asked the table to play spring mechanism, combined with the alarm of the countdown and the two time table. It breaks through the traditional alarm table hammering the bottom cover, a full table of the music elegant circumflex asked to play spring as a ring structure, perfect appearance of a sonata-like harmony rings beautiful spring hit the sound up to a minute or more Miss Liu said, this SONATA sonata Bell table also has a number of Ulysse Nardin proud of <a href="">Richard Mille watch </a> the patented invention, including coaxial with horizontal double window large date display and two time () fast leveling device. The tables show the price of more than four hundred thousand. A period of two weeks of the exhibition will be the curtain call on the 30th of this month, Xiao said that the case of this exhibition is quite good, better watch sales price of less than one million. Many customers are <a href="">Oris replica watch</a> always loved to watch those watch professional knowledge, which the business community boss more.

The general and special, not to be missed selection, in 2012 the Swiss basel Watch Fair was
to display a new Eco-Drive light energy concept Watch.
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