I really thought the day Sandy Alderson took over as the Mets Gm that the era of stating the absurd, ala Omar Minaya/Fred Wilpon days were over.....I guess not.  

This past week we heard Alderson state that the Mets could win 90 games.

90 games!  Geez I would be happy with a .500 team with a shot at winning a Wild Card Spot but hey, I'm just a fan right.  But as the week progressed I thought a little more about what Sandy said and not that I'm drinking any funny liquid, but could Sandy be on to something?  


Today's Question:  Is Sandy Alderson on to something when he stated that the Mets were a 90 win team?  Here's a second question, just for the sake that we might need a little pick me up since we suddenly live in a Nuclear Winter, now that there is no Harvey and based on what you've seen so far, set up the Met rotation.  You can choose any Met pitcher currently on the roster.