I never thought to even approach this weeks question because I simply thought that the topic wouldn't come up.  

I am very upset that Mike Piazza didn't make the Hall of Fame.  Here is a player who has never been mentioned on any "list" or mentioned during any Hearings and for the fact that some writers suspect him to be a user based on their notions makes me furious. I am happy, however, for Maddox and Glavin, they do deserve the honor.

I have made it no secret that I am a Yankee Hater so this whole A-Rod thing just makes my week   just a little better.  The Yankee Brass must be beside themselves by now, I mean, after yesterdays suspension of A-Rod, he still is showing up to Spring Training because he wants to fight this in a Supreme Court.  

Love it!

Back to today's question:  This Mike Piazza thing....let's get your honest opinion here.  I want to know what you think.

Do you honest think that Mike Piazza took any PED's whatsoever?( even though they were legal at the time) What do you think?