Sundayquestion_Feat_Image First off, let me apologize for the absence of The Sunday Question both last week and obviously this week....believe me it was not my intention!  I was in South Carolina last week with no Internet or TV and I literally had to go to a bar to find out what the heck was going on in the world.Anyway...Since there was no question last week or this morning, let's give two.1.  Last week I heard that Matt Harvey is going to appear in the ESPN Nude Magazine.  Do you think this is a wise move?  Do you think that this kind of thing could backfire on the young ace?2.  On Friday night I watched the Baltimore/Yankee game and witnessed an implosion of the Baltimore closer.  I think they have something brewing in Camden Yards...let's say they want Bobby Parnell as a closer.  Would you trade Parnell and if you would, what kind of player would you want in return?