Shamarko Thomas is one word, amazing. I've followed him since the moment he became a Steeler. His story, one that many have told, is one of tragedy and loss followed by success. He's been destined for greatness. Thomas' parents both passed away, his father when he was a teenager and his mother his sophomore year in college. Yet he's taken on the role of leader of his family and never looked back, taking care of 5 siblings and still training and staying focused on his football goals.

What's most impressive to me about Thomas is his work ethic and his will to succeed. Those who follow him know he definitely doesn't miss a workout, he's always insprirational, and he's a very focused young man. Everyday he is doing something. He is a living example of the "No Days Off" t-shirt many of us wear but don't live. 

Watching Thomas play in pre-season games and knowing that he's being mentored by the best safeties in the business tells me that we have nothing to worry about at that position. Thomas has made tackles, got interceptions and gone back to the film and weight room to continue to better his craft.

If you aren't impressed by this kid, I am not sure what can impress you.

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And Shamarko, if you read this, know that everytime you put up a workout video with footwork drills, you inspire a young player, namely my own son, to get out there and become a better player. You rock.