The San Antonio Spurs are finally healthy. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are all healthy. What's more, the Spurs are currently 14-1 since January 11th, and they have the league's best record at 41-12.

On their Rodeo Road Trip, the nine game stretch of Spurs away games while the San Antonio Rodeo takes place, the Spurs are currently 4-1. They have four games left on the trip including games against the Kings,. the Clippers, the Warriors and the Suns. After the road trip, the Spurs will have 24 games left to play, 17 of which will be played on their home court.

With such an ideal setup, it is difficult to see how the Spurs could avoid being a top one or two seed in this year's playoffs. They were the number one seed last year, but fell to the Thunder in the Western Conference Championship. Is 2013 the Spurs' year for glory? We will find out down the line, but their chances sure do look promising at this point in the season. To catch a game, check in with Best Tickets for your San Antonio Spurs tickets