For the first time since I starting my blog, I had the opportunity to attend NFL's Media Day, a crazy day no longer just about interviewing players and coaches regarding the upcoming game, but about everything else that surrounds it. 

I wanted to get the full version of what Media Day was about. I truly believe that what I experienced was the full course what Media Day has become- a circus. Here, I give you the moments that stood out to me at this year's Media Day.


Characters In Costume and Stupid Questions

As many of us have seen on TV in years past, it was present on Tuesday. Guys and gals dressed up as different characters (one man was dressed up as a founding father) parlayed the floor, being grabbed for interviews by numerous media outlets. I was expecting more variety but this year was pretty laid back compared to what I thought it would be.

As for the day's dumbest question, a fan asked a Broncos defender, "What is Peyton Manning's jersey number?". All anyone in earshot distance could do was blank stare and roll their eyes. There's a different between shock value and stupid. That was stupid. 


Marshawn Lynch Vs. The Media

By now, it's no secret that Seahawks' RB Marshawn Lynch isn't a fan of the media. Before Media Day even occurred, he had to be warned that if he didn't attend like he threatened, he would be fined (it is a NFL requirement for players to speak to the media). 

Lynch showed up, incognito, with no real intentions of engaging with the media. Deion Sanders moved everyone out of the way before getting 2 mins of Lynch's time for an interview for NFL Network. Then Lynch disappeared in the back, leaving the rest of the media disappointed and "appalled". Swag. 

Sometimes, the media can be very bipolar. One minute, we want players to shut the hell up (via Richard Sherman), but turn around and want them to be vocal. You can't have it both ways. Not everyone can be as polished as Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning. And Lynch appears to be a guy that just likes football and eating Skittles. Let that man live!


Terio....Oh Terio....

Yesterday, I was up close and personal with internet sensation Lil Terio, who was "conducting interviews" for the NFL Network. Right next to me were Terio and Eagles WR DeSean Jackson being interviewed by the Media Day MC. For many, it was the highlight of their day (Randy Moss came over to tell Terio, "Keep doing what you're doing" and others players admitting they're a fan). For me, I'm watching this thinking, 1. I'm clearly doing something wrong at life 2. Why isn't he in school 3. He's about 50 lbs heavier from his first appearance in Vine videos. You ever have a moment where you want to re-evaluate what you're doing? Lil Terio made me consider the thought.



PeyPey, Shermanator, Then Everyone Else

By far, the most sought after players were Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman, for obvious reasons. Manning is at the sunset part of his career but just broke NFL records and is trying to solidify his quest to be considered one of the greatest to ever play the game. Sherman, the up and coming star-turned-"villain", whose postgame rant has put him on many radars. Both very different in personality and career paths but very powerful figures. Neither said anything you wouldn't expect. In fact, most players were very well versed when answering questions for their big day. People mostly were waiting for "troll" questions to get a reaction from the players, but to no avail.

NFL Media Day was what I expected. All Star media (from Chris Berman to Josina Anderson) to celebrities (AJ, Rocsi and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child), former players-turned-media (including Derrick Mason and Shaun King), and a halftime special for fans??? (Yes, a marching band, Motown set and a Pop set was performed for fans in the stands). Media outlets from everywhere and an abundance of "guest reporters" for numerous TV shows (including 3 old women who were reporting for Queen Latifah's show) made Media Day the circus that I expected it would be. But when you eat, sleep and breathe football it was well worth every second. 

Til next year....