It is easier for a middle-aged woman to become fat. Why do middle-aged women tend to become fat? There are some reasons for that. The physiological factor is one of the reasons. When women’s age reach 30 or 35, the functions of various organs of the body begin to decline, such as respiratory system, heart function, etc. accordingly, the metabolic rate will also become slow, Bee Pollen Capsule and the body heat consumption will be reduced, then the fat will be accumulated in the abdomen, thighs and hips. Also, the strength and quality of bone will lose of 1% every ten years after the age of thirty. Another reason is psychological factor. Women’s mood will become ease after getting married. Most of them won’t control figure.

The third reason is the lack of exercises. With the growth of the age, middle-aged women tend to live a stable and ease life, so they will eat more, unconsciously, they will take in excessive calories. In addition, dietary factors also will cause weight gaining. Middle-aged women are used to eating leftovers and they are accustomed to becoming economical. For middle-aged women, if want to prevent obesity, you had better control your appetite and reduce calories intake, you can have a try on Zixiutang, this can help burn fat and decrease metabolism, and it can also help suppress your appetite.