Let's see if I can go 2 for 2! I am going to just jump right into things and provide my race predictions and race statistics - enjoy!



Jimmie Johnson: With an average finish of 4.78 in this race, it is hard to argue against Johnson getting another victory. Johnson also has the best finish whenever NASCAR visits Phoenix International Raceway. And when it comes to Short Track racing, Johnson is again king of the track.

Jeff Gordon: Following a great run at Daytona, look for Gordon to keep up the strong finishes. With an average finish of 9.00, Gordon has the 2nd best average finish as well as a respectable 12.53 average finish at PIR overall. Gordon also knows his way around short tracks with an average finish of 11.58.

Carl Edwards: Coming in thirds, with the third best average Phoenix spring race finish of 9.89, is Edwards. With an overall PIR finish of 12.32, Edwards will be running where Gordon does. 15.09 is the average finish for Edwards on short tracks, which is 8th best.

Denny Hamlin: Hamlin seems to be back to his pre-injury ways which is good for him and #11 fans. Pulling an average spring finish of 11.38 and an overall PIR finish of 10.88, look for a strong run from Hamlin and his crew. A 12.94 average finish on short tracks is pretty stellar on top of it all.

Kevin Harvick: Rounding out the top 5 is Harvick, with a respectable average spring race 12.33 and a PIR average finish of 10.68. To boast, Happy Harvick averages a 12.95 finish on short tracks.

​Kyle Busch: The younger Busch averages a finish of 13.00 in the Spring and 13.50 overall at PIR; a consistently decent driver if you will.

Tony Stewart: Daytona was not the party Stewart was hoping for, nor was his entire team, but with an average of 12.56 in the spring, we will see if Stewart is back to his old form, or if it will be a long season. A 12.72 average finish overall at PIR is similar to that of Kyle Busch.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Your Daytona 500 champion is hoping to follow the victory up with a solid performance at Phoenix. Dale averages a finish of 13.89 in the spring race and 16.95 overall; clearly not his best track, but could the win and momentum help him do better?

Greg Biffle: Biffle averages a finish of 16.56 in the Spring and 13.79 overall, so he could pull out a Top 10.

Matt Kenseth: Kenseth's average finish is 17.00 and 18.32 overall, but most of those values are pre-joining Joe Gibbs racing.

Kurt Busch: A new team, a new look, maybe even a new Kurt Busch. His average finish in the spring race is 17.11 and 13.11 overall. Only time will tell how Kurt will do at Stewart-Hass Racing.

Ryan Newman: Another driver with another new team and new look. Newman doesn't have a stellar finish at Phoenix in the spring, only 24.11 but slightly better overall at the track with an average finish of 17.21.

Kasey Kahne: Kahne would love nothing more than to forget Daytona and get some wins. He will most likely not get it here as his average finish is 22.33. Overall at PIR, he is a solid Top 20 driver with an average finish of 18.16, though the 1 win does help. 

Clint Bowyer: 16.56 is Bowyer's average finish here in the Spring and 17.12 overall which makes him a decent Top 15 hope.

Martin Truex Jr.: It's now or never for Martin Truex Jr. to show what he can do in his new place. An average finish in the spring of 16.38 is respectable, and his average overall of 17.75 is on par with the Spring.


Dark Horses: Team Penske, Jamie McMurray, The Rookies





Race Speed (mph):

Average: 104.127

Minimum: 94.848

Maximum: 110.085

95% Confidence Interval: (95.03, 113.223)

Predicted: 105.621


Margin of Victory (seconds):

Average: 2.456

Minimum: 0.13

Maximum: 7.351

95% Confidence Interval: (-2.738, 7.65)

Predicted: 2.741


Lead Changes:

Average: 16.7

Minimum: 10

Maximum: 28

95% Confidence Interval: (4.049, 29.351)

Predicted: 20.766



Average: 7.9

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 11

95% Confidence Interval: (4.852, 10.948)

Predicted: 7.706


Cautions Laps:

Average: 42.2

Minimum: 29

Maximum: 63

95% Confidence Interval: (19.498, 64.902)

Predicted: 44.766


First Caution:

Average: 29.7

Minimum: 17

Maximum: 77

95% Confidence Interval: (-12.654, 72.054)

Predicted: 22.69


Last Caution:

Average: 281.6

Minimum: 224

Maximum: 373

95% Confidence Interval: (190.258, 372.942)

Predicted: 303.745