The Premier League Insider is shocked and angered at the attitude of Luis Suarez towards Patrice Evra. Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra during the beginning of the Liverpool VS Manchester United match.

The pre match handshake is a tradition in which opposing teams shake each others hands as a sign of professional sports like conduct. Luis Suarez is either a racist or he does not know what is like to be a professional sports person.

The action was condemned by Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United manager) and others who saw the match. The tension between the two players and teams were present after what transpired.

While Kenneth Dalgish (Liverpool Manager) defended Luis Suarez, Ferguson felt that what transpired was disgraceful.

The film of the incident was viewed and there is proof that Patrice Evra offered his hand to Suarez. The response of Suarez was to refuse to shake hands with him but to do it with others.

It must be remembered that Luis Suarez received an eight match ban for racial abuse against Evra last December. Suarez admitted that he learned his lesson although racists never learn from their mistakes.

The Premier League and England have advanced in eradicating racism in world football or soccer. The road to a total eradication is a long one.

Luis Suarez is a disgrace and should receive additional bans or be expelled from the Premier League.  The concept will not happen as long as Kenneth Dalgish defends his player.

The Premier League Insider invites its readers to condemn the racist behavior of Luis Suarez by posting this article in different social networks. The readers should also send E Mails to the Football Association (FA), the Premier League, and Liverpool FC as well as the media to condemn this disgraceful behavior by Suarez.

It remains to be seen what will transpire.