The Philadelphia Phillies on Monday night started off a ten game road trip on the West Coast as they went into San Francisco to take on the Giants.  The Phillies were facing the Giants ace pitcher Tim Lincecum.  The Phillies put their ace on the mound in the opener as well, Roy Halladay.  The Phillies got this road trip off to the start they really wanted by defeating the Giants, 5-2.

     The Phillies gave Roy Halladay runs early in the game and that is all that Halladay would need to get the Philadelphia Phillies off to a good start on this road trip.

     The Phillies had their bullpen warming up in the seventh inning because Charlie Manuel and the coaching staff were having concerns about Halladay's pitch count but Halladay got out of that inning very quickly.  He threw 94 total pitches in the game and this was not one of his best pitched games but he was getting the job done how Halladay knows how to.  The question was does manager Charlie Manuel pull his top horse and give the game over to their bullpen in the seventh inning.  Halladay stayed in the game and got out of that inning quickly and kept his inning pitch count down.  His stuff was erratic at times but he did improve his stuff as the game went on.  He actually got stronger too.  He did finish the game pitching eight innings.

     The Phillies jumped all over the San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum in the first inning.  Lincecum had struggled in his last start and he certainly did not get Monday night's game off to a good start either.  Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, and Laynce Nix each go run-scoring hits.  The Phillies just went right after Lincecum and just did not let him get ahead on pitch counts.  Lincecum has had the Phillies number over the years but on this night the Phillies just went right after him.  It did mark the first time in Lincecum's career he has started off a season, 0-2.

     The Phillies on Monday night did exactly what they needed to do.  When starting a long road trip, get it off with a victory.  If the Phillies can give their starting pitchers the run support they did in this game, well the Phillies will be fine.  The Phillies are going to give players who normally will not start, an opportunity early in the season some time to play.  It is very beneficial because this will later develop into a strong bench in which manager Charlie Manuel will have confidence in going to in tough situations in games especially going down the stretch in the season.  The Phillies in Monday night's game showed they could score runs.  It definitely was very important for the Phillies to get this road trip off to the right start.